four years


My boyfriend and I celebrated the four year anniversary of our first date on Saturday. We had a nice dinner, went to a movie, and got lost in our own city. And I did it all in heels… which hurt pretty badly by the end of the night.

Top: Banana Republic; Skirt: Made by my mom; Shoes: Nordstrom; Necklace and Earrings: my grandmother’s




I am officially in love with Fossil’s entire Vintage Re-Issue Collection, especially the Lock Satchel bag. Of course, I have to be in love with the most expensive thing in the collection. Check everything out here!

In addition to a long olive cardigan and sequined striped shirt (both from J Crew), I also have my eye on a few other wardrobe additions for fall.

First, this yellow top from Ann Taylor Loft.

And of course another J Crew piece, this green velvet jacket.




So I painted a lot today and got part of the trunk completely the way I planned… and I don’t like it.

Time to find another color.

I have my computer back (although not completely fixed because it was too expensive and so not worth it because it still works perfectly fine) and that means pictures! Here are some of the finished inside of the trunk and of the beginings of the painting process. Finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this trunk project.

For the lining of the trunk, I used a roll-on border paste that I found at Lowes and it worked pretty well but its hard to get edges and corners to stay down. The paint on the trunk so far is just a primer so that the brown color doesn’t show through. I covered everything with blue painter’s tape, but after painting that seems pretty unnecessary as long as I’m careful. However, I did wrap plastic wrap around the leather straps and I think that will really help protect them.



Sorry everyone, but I won’t be posting too much for a little while. Probably about a week and a half. My laptop is being fixed right now and so I’m using a ten year old computer that I literally had to dust off before using it.

But for now I’ll just say that I finished the lining of the inside of the trunk and pictures of that, and pictures of some paint, will be coming as soon as I get my laptop back!

new shoes!


I love the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I am so ready to give up 100 degree days for brisk fall ones, so fall clothes on sale just sets the mood perfectly. And since all the fall clothes will go back to regular high prices in just a few weeks, it’s hard to say no. Especially shoes like these.

P.S. My next post might not come for another week and a half or so. My laptop has three huge cracks in the screen, and even though it works perfectly, my parents think it needs to be fixed or something. Weird, huh? 😛