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I’m sorry I’ve been so M.I.A lately. Everything is crazy once school starts again, but I hope to be able to have some free time later this week! Is anyone else completely busy with school now too? Advertisements

lonny mag


Loving the new edition of Lonny Mag. This page makes me want to go antique shopping in London so badly! Those books are just too gorgeous.

I know I’ve posted about the clothbound classic books designed by Coralie Bickford Smith before, but I just revisited her website and I’m in love with the new A Christmas Carol cover.

here and there


Sorry for being so absent lately… and sorry that this post isn’t very exciting. Just a few pictures from my week… though it’s mostly just been running errands and watching re-runs of The Nanny. I did work more on my trunk though and soon I’ll have a post about the completed wallpapering of the inside. I […]

blog award!


I still consider myself relatively new to blogging, so I am thrilled that I’ve been so warmly welcomed to the internet! Big, big thanks to Ashley for the blog award!    The rules: 1. Thank the person that gave you award. 2. Copy the award and put it on the blog. 3. List 3 things you […]

Happy 4th everyone! Today has been pretty low key for me (making brownies and watching NCIS re-runs), but yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the Red, White, and Bluegrass festival in Morganton, NC. It was a long day (about a three hour drive there and then back) but it was lots of fun. My […]

Whenever I see a set of something adorable, I always want to collect all of them. Currently this is happening with the Penguin Classics with cloth covers designed by Coralie Bickford Smith. I asked my boyfriend to get me the Great Expecations one for my birthday and I’m around page 50 now. The books come […]