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Finally, the completed trunk. Here are some before and after pictures for you! I still might add a little design later to the outside but since I officially move to college tomorrow, it’s all done for now. Let me know your thoughts! And a bonus picture of Jenny checking out the new addition to the […]



My trunk is officially done after hours and hours of work. Pictures to come tomorrow…



So I painted a lot today and got part of the trunk completely the way I planned… and I don’t like it. Time to find another color.

I have my computer back (although not completely fixed because it was too expensive and so not worth it because it still works perfectly fine) and that means pictures! Here are some of the finished inside of the trunk and of the beginings of the painting process. Finally, I can see the light at the […]



Sorry everyone, but I won’t be posting too much for a little while. Probably about a week and a half. My laptop is being fixed right now and so I’m using a ten year old computer that I literally had to dust off before using it. But for now I’ll just say that I finished […]

the inside


Over the past few days, I’ve torn all the old fabric lining off of the wood on the inside of the trunk and the tray that goes in it, sprayed all the wood with Clorox to get rid of mold, and started to re-cover it with wallpaper. I’ve only covered some of the tray as […]

So I figured it was time for another trunk update, seeing as that’s technically why I started this blog. I finished polishing all the metal and then moved on to cleaning the leather. I only cleaned the thin, light brown leather because I dubbed the leather straps too worn and fragile to withstand cleaning. That, […]