here and there


Sorry for being so absent lately… and sorry that this post isn’t very exciting. Just a few pictures from my week… though it’s mostly just been running errands and watching re-runs of The Nanny. I did work more on my trunk though and soon I’ll have a post about the completed wallpapering of the inside. I also finalized the colors for the trunk and painted a frame for a picture I bought a while back.

The color difference isn’t very drastic in this picture but the top, peachier color will be the main color and the red will just be an edging. And then there’s the wallpaper I’m covering the inside with.

The picture and frame before painting. Sorry for the flash on the photo… I just couldn’t get it to go away.


My cat Jenny tried to “help”…

And BamBam stopped by to say hi.


2 Responses to “here and there”

  1. kitty!!! hehe so cute xx

  2. This looks awesome — you never told me you were doing this.

    BTW, jenny is a supermodel.

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