red, white, and bluegrass


Happy 4th everyone! Today has been pretty low key for me (making brownies and watching NCIS re-runs), but yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the Red, White, and Bluegrass festival in Morganton, NC. It was a long day (about a three hour drive there and then back) but it was lots of fun. My boyfriend loves bluegrass and plays banjo so a whole day of sitting in a field listening to bluegrass bands and eating junk food was a blast. I wore a red, white, and blue plaid dress for the occasion.

The Snyder Family Band with the cutest 4 year old singing:

We’re geniuses and forgot to bring sunscreen so we ended up pretty burnt:

The final band for the day, The Del McCoury Band. The pictures are kind of blurry because I had to zoom in so far to see:


One Response to “red, white, and bluegrass”

  1. ooo, sounds great! i love southern outdoor concerts šŸ™‚

    thanks for visiting me

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