leather and clean up


So I figured it was time for another trunk update, seeing as that’s technically why I started this blog. I finished polishing all the metal and then moved on to cleaning the leather. I only cleaned the thin, light brown leather because I dubbed the leather straps too worn and fragile to withstand cleaning. That, and they weren’t very dirty to begin with.

I actually discovered accidentally that Brasso, one of the metal cleaners, was a perfect leather cleaner! At least for this kind of leather and basically just for getting all the dirt off of it. I used the Brasso on a cloth to get the dirt off and then used water and a real leather cleaning soap to clean off the Brasso. It worked perfectly for this but I don’t know if I would recommend using Brasso for normal leather cleaning. I don’t know if it’s done any damage to the leather or anything and I don’t want to be responsible for anyone ruining a pair of nice leather shoes because they used metal cleaner to clean them.

After the leather was finished, there was a lot of white, dried on gels and stuff from cleaning the leather and metal. So now I’m in the process of using soap, water, and a toothbrush to scrub it all off. After that, I attempt to get rid of the mildew smell on the inside! Stay tuned… I’ll also have color samples that I’m thinking of painting on the outside and I’ll need opinions!

Metal before cleaning:

And after (not a huge difference but noticeable enough):


One Response to “leather and clean up”

  1. what a beautiful before & after! it looks amazing.

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