dessert bowls and trunk update


My boyfriend leaves tomorrow for a Libertarian conference at Yale for a week so today we had lunch and shopped around downtown Apex, NC.  We popped into an antique store (that my boyfriend thought was cool as I did) and I found this amazing set of four antique dessert bowls for only 8 dollars (for all of them!). They’re just perfect for some ice cream.

I also got the chance to work some on my trunk today. Still working on cleaning the metal… after that, I’ll clean up all the dried on gels and chemicals around the metal (all the white stuff) and then move on to leather cleaning.

Basically all the metal is silver except for the lock, which is still partly silver but also some gold and a rose-ish color. Interesting.


5 Responses to “dessert bowls and trunk update”

  1. I can’t wait to see the final results of the trunk!

  2. What a great find! The truck looks like it will be gorgeous…

  3. thanks for the comment!
    this trunk is amazing, i have something like it but i wish it were this color 😦 great blog!

    come by again for a visit!

    • thanks!

      i’m actually going to be painting some of the trunk eventually though because the current paint is coming off…

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