To anyone out there reading this, thanks!

There are a handful of blogs that I check regularly and I’ve always kind of wanted one myself, but I never thought seriously about having one until my mom suggested it.

Recently, she’s started collecting old serving dishes and other knick knacks for me to have in a future apartment and she wants to put them all together in a “hope chest”. Now, I had no idea what that was when she mentioned it, but I’m all for having a bunch of awesome vintage things. Just a few days ago while browsing a furniture store, I found an amazingly perfect antique trunk to become my hope chest.

I’m not sure exactly how old the trunk is, or who made it, or where it comes from, but I am pretty sure that it is old. Based on the style and the materials used, research tells me that it’s probably from the 1920s or 30s. I plan on spending this summer fixing it up… repainting the canvas thats covering it, polishing the metal, etc. Unfortunately, I’ve never done anything like this before, and shockingly, I could not find one book on restoring antiques at Barnes and Noble. That’s when my mom suggested that I blog about everything I do and maybe my experience can help anyone else doing something similar. Keep in mind though that I am a complete amateur and I’m getting all my information from a couple websites I’ve found.

So for now, the main purpose of this blog will be to blog about my trunk restoration, but seeing has how I’ve always thought a little about having a blog, it won’t be just all about the trunk. Most blogs I read are fashion and style related, so there will definitely be some stuff about clothes here, and I love to cook, so you’ll see some food too. And just anything else that I happen to be loving at the moment, or maybe things that are on my mind, or just little things about life.

Even when the trunk project is over, I have a feeling I’ll still keep up the blog. Come late August though, I can’t promise how frequent posts will be… I am a busy college student first after all.

More details about the trunk will come later, but for now, here’s a picture of the front:


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  1. 1 David Deerson

    Hey, cool blog!

  2. thanks!

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