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So I figured it was time for another trunk update, seeing as that’s technically why I started this blog. I finished polishing all the metal and then moved on to cleaning the leather. I only cleaned the thin, light brown leather because I dubbed the leather straps too worn and fragile to withstand cleaning. That, […]

fall fever


The heat during these North Carolina summers is just so oppressive that it’s hard not to want fall and cooler weather. Now I just want this cardigan and striped shirt to start working on my wardrobe for this fall. And of course they’re J. Crew. Always.

Whenever I see a set of something adorable, I always want to collect all of them. Currently this is happening with the Penguin Classics with cloth covers designed by Coralie Bickford Smith. I asked my boyfriend to get me the Great Expecations one for my birthday and I’m around page 50 now. The books come […]

My boyfriend leaves tomorrow for a Libertarian conference at Yale for a week so today we had lunch and shopped around downtown Apex, NC.  We popped into an antique store (that my boyfriend thought was cool as I did) and I found this amazing set of four antique dessert bowls for only 8 dollars (for all […]

This Saturday was perfectly relaxing. My boyfriend came over and we made pizza. Well, more like I made pizza while he watched TV, but whatever. I’ve made bread-y things before but this was actually my first time working with yeast. It was surprisingly easier than I thought it would be. I used the recipe for the dough […]

i want…


…this cardigan. (j. crew)



With the exception of an hour long pilates class this morning, today was dedicated to endlessly polishing rusty metal. There was some force involved in rubbing and scrubbing but otherwise it’s just a lot of pretty dull repetition. I finally got a system down though and started discovering what was under layers and layers of […]